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How To Use Control Panel

Below are some basic instructions on how to use your personal control panel.

Greeting message and time zone
The main purpose of this page is setting the correct time zone. This is required to correctly calculate your time zone and plan delivery of completed orders.

Message panel
The message panel will show any unread messages that you have received either from your assigned writer or staff.

Account summary
Displays useful information on your status, a number of active/late/total orders, will display the total amount spent with our service, and will also reveal your current discount rate as well as the country/region you are located in.

Order summary
Contains brief information on the orders you have placed, including order number, title, deadline, status, progress, writer and messaging options. The columns of the order summary table are clickable, so if you want to sort your orders by number/title/deadline/status etc, simply click on the respective column heading.

Useful materials
This section contains valuable information on how to boost your academic performance as well as to increase the efficiency of cooperation between your writer and yourself. Please read it carefully!

One touch supports request
Allows you to send messages to either writer or staff in just a few clicks! Simply select the order you want to send a message on, type in a message, select who to address it to and click "Send Message".